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ball mill potassium nitrate

ball mill potassium nitrate

put the in your , and mill it for 3 hours. you should have a very fine white/greyish powder. 4. now mix the charcoal/sulfur ...

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  • compositions that can be ball milled? - newbie questions

    sep 12, 2009 — for example, if i wanted to make a based flash powder i could the kno3 and sulfur (being black powder like ...

  • ball milling: a green technology for the preparation and

    jan 9, 2019 — is a simple, fast, cost-effective green technology with ... conditions and in the presence of sodium and salts.

  • file:ball mill with steel ball.jpg - wikimedia commons

    english: with steel ball is milling iron oxide and . 中文: 球磨機與鋼珠正在研磨氧化鐵和硝酸鉀。 date, 3 september 2012, 12: ...

  • clumping kno3 & bp - uk pyrotechnics - uk pyrotechnics

    apr 29, 2007 — purchased a 50kg bag of in prilled form and when i crush it up it clumps together, it was extremely ineffective btw.

  • potassium nitrate - wikipedia

    is a chemical compound with the chemical formula k n o 3.it is an ionic salt of ions k + and ions no 3 −, and is therefore an alkali metal .it occurs in nature as a mineral, niter (or nitre in the uk). it is a source of nitrogen, and nitrogen was named after niter. is one of several nitrogen-containing compounds collectively ...

  • making black powder - pyrocreations.com

    dec 9, 2016 — put the in your , and mill it for 3 hours. you should have a very fine white/greyish powder. 4. now mix the charcoal/sulfur ...

  • bp soo slow (24hr ball milled) - pyrotechnics - apc forum

    jul 15, 2015 — so i got my good ol out and started to measure in 150 g , 30 g 80-mesh charcoal (from skylighter), and 20 g sulfur. i ...

  • is there safe a way to ball mill bp indoors? - pyrotechnics

    feb 27, 2011 — ive heard of charcoal and sulfur together, then add the at the end for an hour or so. but as others have said, its not ...

  • black powder – gardenballistics

    the charcoal and sulphur mix for about 3 hours (without adding any ). add 75 parts of (powdered) to the charcoal and sulphur mix in the . also add 6 parts water to the mix before milling, this will dramatically reduce the probability of accidental ignition of the mixture during milling.

  • amateur rocketry motor (engine) propellant

    black powder is made from (kno 3), charcoal and sulfur. the common ratio is 75:15:10. ... all propellants that are mixed together dry are very flammable. a with non-metallic

  • black powder - sciencemadness wiki

    , sulfur and charcoal are first properly dried and grounded separately. in a mortar, a mixture of these three materials in a weight proportion of 75% for , 15% for charcoal, and 10% sulfur is added. ... if a is used, spark free , such as lead-antimony are a must. another tip would be to add ...

  • what to ball mill and what not to ball mill - newbie questions

    jun 26, 2008 — the comp is these are in percentages perchlorate 50 aluminum, flake, bright. -325 mesh, 36 micron 35 barium 10 shellac 5 how do you know if you should or not screen, mortar pistil, and stuff?

  • pin on keep our future and children safe - pinterest

    make black powder without a - easy 1 hour method ... black powder is a simple mixture of powdered or , charcoal and sulfur.

  • black powder 101 - ihaveadotcom.com

    black powder consists of three ingredients: (kno3), sulfur and charcoal. the ratio of the mix is 75-15-10 which means 75% , 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur. the sulfur and charcoal provide fuel for the reaction, while the …

  • obtaining potassium - sciencemadness discussion board

    a better method is to them to a fine powder, or if you only need to ... drug stores should have it labeled or .

  • gunpowder - wikipedia

    gunpowder, also known as the retronym black powder to distinguish it from modern smokeless powder, is the earliest known chemical explosive. it consists of a mixture of sulfur (s), carbon (c), and ( , kno3). the sulfur and charcoal act as fuels while the is an oxidizer. ... the last remaining gunpowder at the royal gunpowder factory, ...

  • coffee grinding questions, need expert knowledge

    jul 5, 2013 — i have potassium perchlorate, , and potassium chlorate. ... i wouldnt use a grinder , i would use a to mill my chemicals, ...

  • الأخلاق والسير - cia

    oct 2, 2002 — this has a bunch of black powder and files. ... found as fertilizer in large quantities, also as stump remover (found. 16 ...

  • make black powder quick and easy — skylighter, inc.

    feb 14, 2018 — finer grained chemicals will grind more easily and quickly in the . if, for example, your is badly caked and

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